Pancakes for One

Mmmm, Pancakes

makes enough to fill your belly

you need some bacon fat or butter for the pan

~ The dry ingredients

3/4 (just say 95g) cup of flour
1 tbsp. (do 12g, or even 10) sugar
1/2 tbsp. (5-ish g)baking powder
1/8 tsp. salt - just pinch a little in there
couple shakes ground nutmeg

~ the moist ingredients

1 lg egg
5/8 cup (150ml) of whole milk **
few drops of vanilla extract
2 tbsp. (round up to 30g/30ml) melted butter

** You could definitely substitute buttermilk if you wanted to

real maple syrup
pancakes for one

RabMachina -

Pancakes I make every Sunday

men make better pancakes. It's a fact


Tools & Equipment

You will need the pan, of course, 2 bowls, and a small bowl for melting some butter in the microwave. I mix the pancake batter with a fork and and dollop it out with a small measuring cup - silicone spatula on the griddle, and a metal one in the cast iron pan. Use a plate ya filty animal.

easy to make/so good

Easiest thing in the world, you mix it, dollop it, wait for it, flip it, eat it.

How to cook pancakes

- Add the 2 tbsp of butter to a small bowl and microwave it until melted, stir it into the dry pancake mix so it forms little butter balls.

- In another bowl, add the egg, milk, and vanilla and mix it up with your fork

- Stir the moist mix into the dry mix being sure to leave plenty of small lumps
- Let that pancake batter alone for a few minutes while your pan heats up. Then...

- melt the bacon grease or butter in your pan

- use a 1/4 measuring cup to dollop out the batter onto the pan. Leave a little space around each

- leave them alone until you see bubbles about to pop around the edges of the pancake, then,

- Add a bit more bacon fat or butter to the pan and flip those badboys

After I flip them I add a pat of butter to each pancake as it cooks. Mmmm... When it's melted I lift a pancake up a bit to see where it's at.
When they are cook'd up, I flip them onto my plate, add a little more butter, some strawberry jam or chopped fresh fruit, and a little bit of maple syrup, OMFG these are so good.

Listen, rico suave, dial that heat back a bit. You don't cook these on such a high heat as to sear the outside before the inside is cooked. On my griddle I dial it up all the way then turn it back about almost a quarter turn. Don't burn your pancakes.
vanilla extract
unbleached flour